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THE REAL SOUND It's intriguing the ladies and intimidating the gents! It's red, hot and blue! Disturbing and burping. Rattling, shaking and shivering! It's dangerous, sexy and liquid! It's The Real Sound of POWERSOLO and it's out on Crunchy Frog in May 2014.The Real Sound is a return to the roots of POWERSOLO. But this time they dig even deeper than ever and deliver a string of catchy tunes with crazy lyrical hooks that could have been one hit wonder 7"'s back in the 50's, 60's or even the 70's. They are the type of songs that would be found on the Las Vegas Grind and Nuggets compilations. It's music you can dance to, prance to, rock and roll (in the biblical sense) to, and get into some serious trouble to. Celebrating the time when music had a sense of fun, sex and danger to it. This is the real sound of rock'n'roll. The real sound of POWERSOLO.The Real Sound? What is The Real Sound?The Real Sound is the un-thought sound of two brains, one leg and four arms. Digging the middle tone in the trombone smoking zone of the wild beasts of the Jalaba! It is a "Jurassic Sex Party"! And it is the "Boom Babba Do Ba Dabba" of the 21st century! It is the tale of the "Sasquatch" and his "Two Headed Woman" wearing a "Leather Suit". The "Frantic" tale of the "Sloppy Bird" flying over Paris looking for "Des Filles". And YES! It is the tale of the girl with "The Big Lips" tasting the "Sonic Sauce" with her "Salty Lick" and "The New Fashioned Girl" trying to "Milk That Thang!""Railthin and Crisp brothersPOWERSOLO is two rail thin brothers. Thee Railthin Brothers. Two wild rock and roll creatures from the future living in the past and hailing the present with their unique musical sound - The Real Sound. Once again, the brothers have teamed up with another pair of siblings, the crisp team of brothers, Jesper Reginal and The Great Nalna (The Tremolo Beer Gut, etc), who also produced both the "It's Raceday ...", "Egg" and "Buzz Human" albums. The result is nothing short of legendary. But wait, can it perhaps become even more legendary? That sounds unreal. An unreal sound? No,more than that: a zound, mothers! The Unreal Zound of POWERSOLO!The Unreal Zound? What is The Unreal Zound?Since the first time POWERSOLO recorded for The Finest Recording Organization in The Universe (that's right: Crunchy Frog) Boss Frog Jesper Reginal suggested that a hip hop producer ought to work on the band's songs. Of course it'd have to be a producer that had the history, the chops and the smarts to treat the PowerSongs with all due respect and all due irreverence and come up with a record that matched the rambunctious juicyness of the so-called original. The first and only choice was Mister Tue Track. Tue Track is the undisputed king of hip hop for the thinking, drinking and ka-ching-king. Part of the premier Danish hip hop band Malk de Koijn and several other incarnations he produces the sassy, groovy tracks with eclectic influences from many genres other than the obvious. A mix that shakes your ass as much as it shakes your preconception about what hip hop should be. A mix that you haven't tasted before. A mix you can't get enough of. A mix that POWERSOLO can get behind. In a big way. Tue Track slice and dice a selection of songs from The Real Sound of... to comprise a stand-alone and utterly original long player album called The Unreal Zound of POWERSOLO. Emphatically NOT a remix-album. This is the REAL unreal album. An album made for the future, in the present, sampling and honouring the past.In Denmark The Unreal Zound of POWERSOLO will be released in the Indian summer of 2014. All single releases will include both the Real and the Unreal version of the songs. And the first cut is "Boom Babba Do Ba Dabba". A single with two #1 hits on it. Pick a chart and this song should be at the very top. A hardworking bandPOWERSOLO gave us songs such as "Kat Nazer", the Tunisian kat with devil horns and seven tails. "Juanito", the famous chart hitting song about the Mexican porno wrestler. "Baby You Ain't Looking Right", the song that made the TV-series American Horror Story even more horrifying and Heineken Beer taste even better. "Canned Love" that got Coca Cola Zero voted "the sexiest soft drink in South America". "Knucklehead" that raised the Danish blockbuster Klovn to heavenly heights, and recently "I Love You But I Hate You" selling the new Renault Megane worldwide. So far, POWERSOLO have been the masterminds behind six albums, a soundtrack, a 10"-split with Heavy Trash, four 7"-singles and several contributions to compilations. They are hardworking and dedicated people who wake up every morning just to play music. Maybe that's why POWERSOLO never stop touring but always have a new gig planned somewhere in the world. POWERSOLO will be playing the SPOT Festival in May right after having toured France in April, and Germany is up for the autumn of 2014. Don't miss a show! First single and video from POWERSOLO's real sounds is" Boom Babba Do Ba Dabba".CRUNCHY FROG


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