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Underground Resistance


Underground Resistance is the most militantly political outcropping of modern urban American techno. Combining a grubby, four-track aesthetic, an almost strictly DIY business philosophy, and an oppositional, militaristic ethos similar to Public Enemy without the drama (or the familiarity; the members refuse to be photographed without bandanas obscuring their identities), UR have redirected their portion of the Detroit techno legacy to social activist ends, trading mainstream popularity and financial success for independence and self-determination.

Albums Underground Resistance

23 played on Radionomy

  • Electronic Warfare 2.0

  • Galaxy 2 Galaxy

  • Death Star

  • Aguila

  • Final Frontier

  • Intersteller Fugitives

  • Analog Assassin

  • Millennium to Millennium

  • Interstellar Fugitives

  • Codebreaker

  • Electronic Warfare

  • Revolution for Change

  • message to the majors

  • X-101

  • Nation 2 Nation

  • The Final Frontier

  • Living for the Nite

  • Elimination / Gamma-Ray

  • Waveform EP

  • The Punisher

  • Living for the Night

  • Sonic EP

  • Your Time Is Up