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There are multiple artists called Velvet: 1) Velvet, born Jenny Petterson, moved from Helsingborg to Stockholm in 1993 to study ballet at Balettakademien. Alongside her studies, Jenny worked at Wallmans cabaret where she discovered that singing was really what she wanted to do. This was followed by eight years of touring as a choir singer and dancer for a host of major artists including Carola, Lena PH, Markoolio, Sanne Salomonsen, Orup, Meat Loaf, Martin Stenmark and Jessica Folcker.

Albums Velvet

21 played on Radionomy

  • Il serpente - EP

  • Big Dome

  • Chemistry

  • Nella lista delle cattive abitudini

  • Tricky

  • World Change

  • Fix Me

  • The Juggernaut

  • VersoMarte

  • Cose Comuni

  • Tutto Da Rifare

  • Velvet Live 4/9/2005

  • Il Mondo E' Fuori - New Version

  • Dieci motivi

  • 10 Motivi

  • Dovevo Dirti Molte Cose

  • Cyberspace Cowboy

  • Short Term Memories...

  • Where Are the People?

  • Tragic

  • Velvet