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There are several bands named Infinity: 1) a Dutch black metal band. 2) a Norwegian dance act. 3) a Czech eurodance group. 4) a Croatian melodic death metal band. 5) an Israeli Prog Rock band. 6) a punk-rock band based in St. Augustine, FL 7) The first fusion jazz band of Thailand 8) Italian power metal band. 1) The Dutch Black Metal band Infinity consists of 3 members: Balgradon XUL on drums, bass and vocals (Non Essence Genesis, ex-Ornaments of Sin, ex-Haatstrijd, Funeral Winds, Corpsecandle), Andras on guitar (Weltbrand) and Draconis on guitar and vocals.

Albums Infinity

12 played on Radionomy

  • Dirty Love

  • Rofo's Theme

  • Www.Happy-People.Net

  • Get to Know

  • Olori oko

  • Peace Selection

  • Show Me The Way

  • Spread The Word

  • New Direction

  • Infinity

  • Intime Underground Collection Vol. 3

  • Naked in the Rain