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Having shared the stage with the likes of NINE INCH NAILS, Limp Bizkit, and Keane, fade is a 5-piece modern band from Japan which continues to be an eclectic and unrivaled melange of east and west, and a front runner in the Japanese contemporary rock scene. This band's strength and scope is its ability to draw on the cultural duality of music and experience shared between its 5 members.Working with Jason Miller (gODHEAD), Markku Lappaleinen (ex. Hoobastank), and Erik Gregory (programming engineer, credited in Linkin Park's remix album Reanimation) led to the release of 2 EPs. And from their 2nd EP A Moment of Truth, track Beautiful was showcased in the nationally acclaimed film "Rainbow Song," produced by Japanese cinema icon Shunji Iwaii (Swallow tale Butterfly, Picnic, etc.) in 2006.Broadcasts of fadeTV hosted by the maniac, mandolin toting BIWA HOSHI is a must-mention. On this web based "TV" program, BIWA HOSHI takes you on a wild and hilarious multi-media ride around Japan with the members of fade and their fans. Video footage of shows, Japan, member and fan interviews, music, and gut splitting comedy make fade TV something you have to see for yourself!! Visit fadeTV to tune in!!fade transfered this momentum to the road again in 2007, and begin touring their new material up and down Japan in the first of a series of high velocity events known as "The Decade of Influence" tour. In the interim, the band heaed back into the studio to record their album "To Find A Better Tomorrow", mixed by one of the most in-demand mastering engineers Ted Jensen (known for works by P.O.D., Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, TRAPT, Yellowcard, My Chemical Romance, etc). The album was released on Aug. 6, 2008.The band is now back on the road again to play in venues nationwide touring songs from their latest album "Age of Innocence" released on 11/11/2009. Concentrating on starring in venues mainly in and around Tokyo and Osaka, fade has also rocked the stage in sponsored events like MINAMI WHEEL 2008 and SUPER DRY B-JAM at Zepp Tokyo.In 2009, fade participated in SWEET LOVE SHOWER SPRING09, and festivals such as RUSH BALL 09 and LOUD PARK 09. In the summer of 2009 the band's festival involvement went global when they were invited to play in the ETPFEST 2009 held in Seoul, Korea where they shared the stage with KEANE, NINE INCH NAILS, and LimpBizkit.


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