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Los Chichos

Los Chichos

Los Chichos is a Spanish Gypsies band which was formed in the mid 70's by the brothers Julio González, Emilio González and Juan Antonio Jiménez. It continued with its activity until the 1990s, with a peak point at the beginning of the 1980s. 20 million disks have been sold, making it one of the groups that have sold more music in the history of Spanish music. Their songs included different topics and themes from Spanish Gypsies' popular life, ranging from delinquency, violence and drugs, to love and life. Their music genre was the famous Spanish Rumba similar to Los Chunguitos.


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Los Chichos - Ni Más Ni Menos

Ni Más Ni Menos


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Antonio Orozco - Los Chichos - Te Vas, Me Dejas

Te Vas, Me Dejas


El Arrebato - Los Chichos - Quiereme Con Alegria

Quiereme Con Alegria


Andy Y Lucas - Los Chichos - Campo De La Bota

Campo De La Bota


Los Chichos - Los Delinquentes - Ni Mas Ni Menos

Ni Mas Ni Menos


Camela - Los Chichos - Sea Como Sea

Sea Como Sea


Los Chichos - Pitingo - Ella Se Vendra Detras De Mi

Ella Se Vendra Detras De Mi


Los Chichos - Bailaras Con Alegría

Bailaras Con Alegría


Estopa - Los Chichos - Historia De Juan Castillo

Historia De Juan Castillo