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BiographyJenifer Bartoli was raised with her younger brother Jonathan, by her mother and father, Michel Dadouche and Christine Bartoli. Her mother is part Corsican-Italian and part Belgian; her father is a Jewish-Algerian. She comes from a modest background. She participated in the Graines de star television broadcast in 1997, but this was a failure.Jenifer decided to go to Paris and attend the casting for the first series of Star Academy in France, which went on to become a huge hit on French television. She was selected, and eventually won. The hit single "J'attends L'amour" (I'm waiting for love) soon followed. After the tour with her band that followed her victory, she went on the road as a solo artist from October 2002 until January 2003, and eventually performed at the Paris Olympia, which she had dreamed of as a child.Her debut self-titled album went on to sell over three quarters of a million copies. The album featured a song written by Marc Lavoine and a duet with fellow Star Academy student Mario. The second single "Au Soleil" became one of the "tubes de l'été" (Summer hits) of 2002 in France. The album was re-released later to include two new tracks: "Entre Humains" and "Des Mots Qui Résonnent." The latter became her third top ten single in France and Jenifer stated that it was more her style of music, being more pop/rock. Finally a fourth song, the ballad "Donne Moi Le Temps" was released. The re-released album sold over a million copies.In 2004 Jenifer returned onto the scene with her second, more personal, melancholy album "Le Passage". Among others, this album contained songs written by Calogero, Kyo, Tina Arena and one song Jenifer co-wrote. This album contains the singles "Ma Révolution" (My Revolution), "Le Souvenir De Ce Jour" (The Memory of This Day), "C'est De L'Or" (It's Golden) and "Serre Moi" (Hold me). The album was supported by an extensive tour across France and was followed by the release of a live album "Jenifer Fait Son Live" and an accompanying DVD.Jenifer previously lived with Maxim Nucci, the author-composer with whom she has had one child, named Aaron, who was born on 5 December 2003. The couple separated around the end of 2005 but have since reunited. She has stated that she also wants to produce music in English outside of France.In November 2010, Jenifer released her fourth studio album called "Appelle-moi Jen" (Call Me Jen), which charted at number 13 in France. It's a pop/rock-electronical album which has a 1980s French song lookalike. The first single of the album, "Je danse"(I Dance), was released in September 2010. This song was a hit in France and also in Belgium, rising to the 3rd position in the charts.In 2012, she is a The Voice's coach (with Florent Pagny, Garou and Mika (singer)) for TF1.AwardsNRJ Radio's NRJ Music Awards :Best French newcomer (2003)Best French album (2005)Best French female artist (2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011)MTV Europe Music AwardsBest French artist (2004)


Hot tracks

Jenifer - Donne-Moi Le Temps

Donne-Moi Le Temps


Jenifer - Des Mots Qui Résonnent

Des Mots Qui Résonnent


Jenifer - Au Soleil

Au Soleil


Jenifer - J'attends L'amour

J'attends L'amour


Star Academy - La Musique

La Musique


Star Academy - J'ai Encore Rêvé D'elle

J'ai Encore Rêvé D'elle


Star Academy - Idées Noires

Idées Noires


Star Academy - L'amour Avec Toi

L'amour Avec Toi


Star Academy - Le Chanteur

Le Chanteur


Les Enfoirés - J'ai tout oublié (Live Version)

J'ai tout oublié (Live Version)


Jenifer - Ma Révolution

Ma Révolution


Jenifer - Qui Ment

Qui Ment


Jenifer - Le Souvenir De Ce Jour

Le Souvenir De Ce Jour