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Gym Class Heroes

Gym Class Heroes

Gym Class Heroes are an American rap rock group from Geneva, New York, United States. The group formed in 1997 when Travie McCoy met drummer Matt McGinley during their high school gym class. The band's music displays a wide variety of influences, including hip hop, rock, funk, and reggae. After the addition of guitarist Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo and bassist Eric Roberts in 2003, the group was signed to Fueled by Ramen and Decaydance Records (Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz's independent record label), on which they released their debut album, The Papercut Chronicles. The group gained a strong fan base while promoting the album, appearing at festivals such as The Bamboozle and Warped Tour. In 2006, the group released the gold-selling album As Cruel as School Children. Since that release, the band's single "Cupid's Chokehold" reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, and "Clothes Off!!" peaked at No. 5 in the United Kingdom. On September 9, 2008, Gym Class Heroes released their third album, The Quilt, which contained numerous collaborations with other artists. The band went on hiatus in 2009, a time in which the members pursued various side projects. McCoy released his solo debut album Lazarus in June 2010. Lumumba-Kasongo has been working on his side-project Soul, while McGinley now drums in the rock group Kill the Frontman. The group released The Papercut Chronicles II on November 15, 2011. The Papercut Chronicles II has become one of their most successful albums to date.


Hot tracks

Gym Class Heroes - Cupid's Chokehold

Cupid's Chokehold


Gym Class Heroes - Clothes Off!!

Clothes Off!!


Gym Class Heroes Feat. The-Dream - Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar


Gym Class Heroes - Blinded By The Sun

Blinded By The Sun


Gym Class Heroes - Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can


Gym Class Heroes - Kissin' Ears

Kissin' Ears


Gym Class Heroes Feat. Adam Levine - Stereo Hearts

Stereo Hearts


Gym Class Heroes Feat. Neon Hitch - Ass Back Home

Ass Back Home


Gym Class Heroes Feat. Ryan Tedder - The Fighter

The Fighter