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Pissed Jeans

Pissed Jeans

HistoryThe members of Pissed Jeans all attended Nazareth High School and initially planned to use the name Unrequited Hard-On before settling on Pissed Jeans. As Matt Korvette explains,The idea was to start a different kinda Punk band focused on dead ended carnal cravings, sexual depression...that sort of thing. Mainly we just wanted to bludgeon the listener will dull, monotonous droning rock music that just sucks the energy out of you, the musical equivalent to watching a toilet flush.Pissed Jeans released its debut, Shallow, in 2005 on Parts Unknown Records. This was followed by Hope for Men (2007), King of Jeans (2009) and Honeys (2013), all released on Sub Pop Records. King of Jeans and Honeys were both produced by Alex Newport.The New York Times acknowledged the band for "bring(ing) back ’80s memories of hard, slovenly noise, when punk bands realized they could slow down and let their music fall apart a bit"; however, the article also observed the "aggressive, nasty" reaction of attendees at a 2008 show, who evidently were unprepared for Pissed Jeans sonics: the concert goers "started to huddle defensively on the sides," with "the columns of speakers on either side of the band...being used as something to hold on to. Average hipsters started to look like sailors clinging to a mast in a storm."Their latest album, Honeys was released in February 2013. Allmusic noted that "Fortunately, when the world has you feeling trapped, Pissed Jeans are there to help you rage out for a bit while you find some perspective."


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