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Denise Rosenthal

Denise Rosenthal

Denise Sofía Rosenthal Schalchli (born November 8, 1990, in Santiago, Chile), known professionally as Denise Rosenthal is a Chilean actress and singer-songwriter who first gained popularity as the character "Feña" in the 2007 Chilean television series Amango. Rosenthal's popularity subsequently led her to obtain the starring role in "Amango's" spin-off, El Blog de la Feña in 2008.Early career and telenovela soundtracks(2008-2010)Rosenthal showed an interest in music at a young age. She recorded her first CD consisting of four songs called Renacer in 2006, but it was never released to the public. Rosenthal participated in the Amango and Amango 2 soundtracks in 2007 and 2008, as well as a Christmas album called Amango: Villancicos. In June 2008, Rosenthal released her first solo single, "No Quiero Escuchar Tu Voz", as part of the promotion for her TV series El Blog de la Feña; the song reached number 8 in Top 100 Chile.At the end of 2010, following the completion of her role in the Chilean telenovela, Corazón Rebelde, in 2009, Rosenthal began working on her first solo album, featuring music of her own composition. The album will be in English and Spanglish, a first for Rosenthal.Solo career and debut album(2011-present)In May 2011, Rosenthal released her first solo single, "Men", a cover version of Gladys Knight's 1991 single. In November of the same year, Rosenthal released her second single, "I Wanna Give My Heart". The lyrics were written by Rosenthal and composed by Neven Ilic. On May 18, 2012, Rosenthal's third official single, "Just Better Alone", was premiered online in Chile by La September 2012, Rosenthal released her fourth official single, "Dance" featuring the Chilean hip-hop group Crossfire. The single was written by Rosenthal.In March 2013, Rosenthal announced that her first album as a solo artist was expected to be released in Chile sometime in April. She revealed that the album is a mixture of urban, pop and R&B influences and will also included songs in "Spanglish". Rosenthal released her debut album, Fiesta, on November 6, 2013. Rosenthal released her album under the stage name "D-Niss". The album contains 11 "Spanglish" songs written or co-written by Rosenthal. Physical copies were available exclusively for FeriaMix Santagio in Chile. The album was released digitally on iTunes on November 8, 2013 for the United States and Chile. The album is available to stream for free on Rosenthal's official Soundcloud account. Rosenthal worked on the album for eight months in Santiago, Chile.


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