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Peter von Poehl

Peter von Poehl

CareerIn the early 2000s v Poehl collaborated extensively with Bertrand Burgalat and his label Tricatel, notably on Michel Houellebecq's album "Présence humaine" (2000). For the tour that followed the album, v Poehl cast a group of musicians in Paris that was to become A.S Dragon, the backing band of the label. Over the next two years, the group lent its services to artist such as Alain Chamfort, Depeche Mode and Burgalat himself. When the label's recording studio in Paris closed, v Poehl, went to produce records for other artists, many of them part of the French music scene, such as Doriand ("Le Grand Bain"), Lio ("Dites au Prince Charmant"), Florian Horwath ("We Are All Gold") Vincent Delerm ("Les Piqûres d’araignée") Marie Modiano ("Outland")


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