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What is music? What is life? How do these two entities intertwine to make one singer complete?Nadia Stone has existed on a path where music has unceasingly influenced her life. Everything she does, everything she is, exudes passion, and idealistic music.Toronto-born Nadia Stone has always been a natural entertainer. Born to a Jamaican father and Italian mother. Her father, who was a DJ, exposed her to an eclectic mix of musical genres and artists. Funk, soul, reggae and rock were some of the styles illustrated to her in the early years of her life.At the age of 7, Stone presented how deep her passion for music was at a family wedding, where she unexpectedly appeared on stage and began putting on a show dedicated to the bride and groom. Her natural ability and poise was exposed that night. Realizing it was not just immediate family who laid eyes on raw talent, Stone decided from that evening onward it was going to be the beginning of her musical journey. In that same year Nadia enrolled in The Royal Conservatory of Music to further advance her understanding of all types of music. She was introduced to opera, classical, and musicals/Broadway. Her favorite vocal instructor made a statement that has stayed in Stone's mind; "If you know, and can sing classical or opera music… you can sing anything!" Determined by this advice, Nadia sang opera, classical and even Italian music. Soon Stone opened at professional recitals and competitions. Motivated by words of wisdom and guidance, she wanted to be the best. No recital was ever big enough for her, she had bigger plans. Based off Stone's success in The Conservatory, her instructor's clientele had grown.In 2003, Nadia joined a girl group, continuing to grow and never losing her edge. In school, she was known to be the first to take charge and jump to any opportunity of a talent showcase, going as far as coordinating her own show, getting back up singers, dancers and whoever showed interest to be onboard. When Stone started to show interest in piano, she enrolled into a performing arts school for music. In her first year, she was the only freshman cast in a TV pilot hosted by Rick Campanelli (Canadian TV personality). In this pilot, she displayed other hidden talents in acting, and several forms of dance. Her first big break came in 2005 when she earned the female lead role in the music video for Mario's chart topper and instant classic to this day, "Let Me Love You". Still working on music, she continued to perform in her city, while keeping a journal of her experiences to write her own music.Crediting that dance and music belong together Stone joined Toronto's own Do Dat dance crew's sessions led by Luther Brown, to piece her style together. Over the course of Nadia's early career she attempted to venture with different Toronto based labels and was lead into directions with her music she did not feel was true. Stone's peers labeled her "The Underdog", seeing her as an unsigned talent.Nadia then embarked on her own, as an unsigned artist to build her own solid ground. Opening up for Nas & Lauryn Hill at "Rock The Bells" was the perfect opportunity for her to take her name and talent to the next level.Today Stone's experiences have molded her song writing to take on an edgy, heartfelt and somewhat mysterious vibe. Reevaluating her experiences and learning that the system is made by her and no one else, Nadia knew her writing had to paint a certain picture. When asked how she went through these experiences and whom they were about, Stone had said, "Is it a crime to want the simple things in life? What about me? I'm just a small girl in a big world trying to find my musical home. The music will speak for itself." Nadia Stone believes that all her experiences should be kept secrets until the music can express them. Now solo artist Nadia Stone takes her talents to the upcoming cover band The BPM Krew as lead female singer. The BPM Krew has expanded Stone's talents across Canada and the U.S.With an 'old school soul', modern touch, and being able to sing in Italian and Latin. Nadia Stone has created the perfect balance of classic sound with stylish grace. Her love for music translates into her soulful sound, and heartfelt songwriting. It's clear that Nadia Stone is on a path to a sensational future. Her pen to paper never sleeps because her mind never says goodnight.


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