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Monsieur Minimal

Monsieur Minimal

Monsieur Minimal has been writing and producing music as Monsieur Minimal for the last 5 years. He was one of the most talented and successful competitors of the Coca-Cola Sound Wave festival in 2007, with his songs ''Silk'' and ''Love Is A Circle''.His first official release was in the City Campers compilation (The Sound Of Everything) in 2008. He was the artist that received the biggest attention from this project.His debut album, titled ''Lollipop'', was released in 2008 by The Sound Of Everything and received impressive reviews from press and radio, while it soon became a best seller of the local indie scene. His music can be defined as mainly indie pop but with a lot of electronic influences and elements. But the key to his success are the simple, beautiful melodies and sweet pop vocals, which made this album a hit across a wide range of radio and tv stations in Greece. Following the success of his album, Status magazine, one of the most popular male magazines in Greece, voted him in category of the "face of the year 2009".One of the album songs titled "Smile" has been used for the tv commercial of Safeway in America and Canada which signified the international debut of Monsieur Minimal.MTV USA has also licensed his album for possible use in forthcoming shows.French-German channel "Arte TV" invited him in order to present his debut album. His song "Love Story" is a hit in Turkey and has remained for many weeks in the charts.monsieurminimal in the biggest turkish compilation with his song Love Story.check it here Also Citroen Hellas used the same song "Smile"for their TV campaign in Greece.Also Greek National Tourism Organisation used his song "Lollipop" for their campaign in U.S.A. also took part at TEDx Athens 2010 speaking about his music and playing live some of his songs. of his most successful live concerts was at Reworks Festival 2010 ,the biggest electronic Festival in Greece. of the Greek radio and TV stations are using his music in their play lists and trailers of their shows and his music has appeared on numerous compilations. Monsieur Minimal is touring all over Greece promoting his music trying to make people smile, feel happy and fall in love. He appears on stage with a laptop, guitars [acoustic, electric\] a vibraphone and his own voice. His albums contains 11 songs plus 2 remixes by ''The Flying Silly Brothers''.O monsieur minimal ??afe? ?a? s????t? µ??s??? µe t? s???e???µe?? projectl ta te?e?ta?a ?a? 5 ?????a . ??a??????e µ?sa ap? t? d?a????sµ? t?? coca-cola sound wave µe ta ??µµ?t?a "silk" ?a? "love is a circle" ?a? s?µµete??e µe s?µa?t??? ep?t???a st? s?????? t?? "The sound of everything" "city campers".H µ??s??? t?? ?a?a?t????eta? ap? ??t??a indie pop st???e?? ????? ?a ?e?p??? ?µ?? ap? a?t? ?? electronica p??e???? . ?? pe???d??? Status, ??a ap ta p?? a?a?????sµ??a a?t???? pe???d??? st?? ????da, t?? p??te??e? st?? ?at?????a t?? «p??t?eµfa????µe??? t?? ??????? 2009». ?? «smile», ??a ap ta t?a???d?a t?? ??µp??µ «lollipop» ???s?µ?p??e?ta? st? d?af?µ?st??? t?? µe?a??te??? d?at??f???? a??s?da? Safeway se ?µe???? ?a? ?a?ad? ?? ap t? Citroen Hellas p??? e??p???t?s? e??? d?af?µ?st???? ???p.?? aµe???a???? ?a???? MTV p???e?ta? ?a ???s?µ?p???se? ??a ta ??µµ?t?a t?? se µ?a ??a t??e?pt??? e?p?µp?. ? µ??s??? t?? a????eta? ap? t??? pe??ss?te???? t??e?pt????? ?a? ?ad??f??????? sta?µ??? ?at? t? d????e?a e?p?µp??, trailer ?a? airplays. ?? ??µµ?t? «love story» ?ta? ?? a??et?? eßd?µ?de? sta top charts t?? ??????a? ?a? ?????f???se se µ?a ap? t?? p?? ???st?? s??????? t?? ???a?. ?? ?a????e?µa???? ?a???? «Arte TV» t?? ???ese ??a t?? pa???s?as? t?? ??µp??µ t??.??? e?t?se µ??s??a t?? te?e?ta?a d?af?µ?st??? ?aµpa??a t?? ?.?.? µe t? ??µµat? t?? lollipop.?e ?p?e? ?µ??fe? µe??d?e? ,????? pop f???t??? ?a? µe ???ste?…


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