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Faf Larage

Faf Larage

BiographyBorn Raphael Mussard in Marseille, Larage made his debut in the group "Soul Swing And Radikal" under the pseudonym "Raff Rage". In 1998 he released a solo album titled C'est ma Cause. His brother Shurik'N is a member of rap group IAM. Together they released an album called La Garde in 2000. In 2003, along with Eben (2Neg) and under the pseudonym of "Gomez & Dubois", he released the album Cops and off-the-law parodying the world's policemen. The album received an award in France in 2004 for best rap album.In 2006 he performed the theme song for the French version of the TV series Prison Break, which reached the top spot in the French Top 50.


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