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Sin Plomo


On his 17th Birthday, Dieter a.k.a. "Sin Plomo" was given a birthday present by his father that he knew would have a great impact on his life, an enormous collection of records. From the Rolling Stones to Led Zepplin, The Who and Elvis, to old German "hit list" features, there was a bit of everything in there. At the age of 18, both he and his father opened up a club in the German town of Rosenheim. It was at that point, that Sin Plomo finally realized that he was to be a DJ.

Albums Sin Plomo

7 played on Radionomy

  • Global House Rockers Vol.1

  • X-MAS Dancing and Trancing (The Santa Claus Edition)

  • Lounge Top 55 Vol.2

  • Ponton Op'n Bulln - Hamburg Blankenese

  • House Foundation - The Finest Collection

  • rizzly House Sessions Vol.2

  • It's You