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Reamonn is a German rock and pop band. They have recorded six albums. The band Reamonn began with a classified advertisment from Rea in the paper. "Irish singer is looking for band for recording and tour". It didn't take long for Mike to contact Rea. He knew Sebi, who played in a band with Uwe. Uwe told Phil about the project they were doing and suddenly he was there too. Reamonn was born...

Albums Reamonn

27 played on Radionomy

  • Through The Eyes Of A Child

  • Million Miles

  • Reamonn Live

  • Aeroplane

  • Moments Like This

  • Reamonn

  • Serpentine

  • The Only Ones

  • Tonight

  • Wish

  • Promise (You And Me)

  • Angels Fly

  • Raise Your Hands - Live

  • Raise Your Hands (disc 1)

  • Raise Your Hands (disc 2)

  • Supergirl (Live Version)

  • Strong

  • Sunshine Baby

  • Beautiful Sky - Winter Edition (disc 2)

  • Alright

  • Beautiful Sky

  • Life Is A Dream

  • Place of No Return (In Zaire)

  • Dream No. 7

  • Jeanny

  • Tuesday

  • Supergirl