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With the band's long-hailed musical virtuosity and influences that included jazz, rock, funk, soul, R&B, and Latin, WAR has impacted its fans, as well as other musicians, regardless of race, generation, or genre. Founding member, Lonnie Jordan, states that this is one "WAR" that has truly brought people together for peace, love, and harmony.

WAR is not a band. WAR is a Movement!

In the late 1960's, WAR was created by producer-songwriter Jerry Goldstein and British singer Eric Burdon. In the members of the band that would become known as WAR, Burdon found musicians who were able to back his improvisational flights-of-fancy with the ease of jazz masters. A reviewer from England's New Musical Express said War was "the best live band I ever saw" after their first UK gig in London's Hyde Park. A second Eric Burdon and War album, a two-disc set titled The Black-Man's Burdon was released in 1970, before Burdon left the band in the middle of its European tour. They finished the tour without him and returned to record their first album as WAR. The albums Eric Burdon Declares WAR and The Black-Man's Burdon soon became cultural touchstones of the '60s.

In 1973, Billboard awarded WAR's Album The World is a Ghetto as the #1 Album of the Year. Then, in 1975 when the Russians and Americans hooked up together in space, NASA played "Why Can't We Be Friends?" Jumping ahead 45 years later, they were invited to play the theme song, "Why Can't We Unfriend?" for National Facebook "Unfriend" Day on Jimmy Kimmel Live! WAR's music and history transcends generations of pop culture and has a universal appeal to parents, grandparents, and children.

WAR's career skyrocketed in the early 1970's as their exhilarating sound spoke to millions of Americans about the troubled times of Vietnam, Watergate, racial strife and the tensions of the inner cities. Long before the late Eazy-E and NWA released their multi-platinum selling Straight Outta Compton, WAR's lead singer and founding band member Lonnie Jordan was already putting Compton on the musical map. From his home base in Los Angeles, he recorded an international string of chart-topping songs, hit after hit.

WAR has had many great accomplishments lately to add to their immense career. They continue to reach a wide audience and have played an eclectic array of festivals including the Capitol Jazz Festival in 2007, the Capitol Jazz Cruise in 2009, and the Summer Sonic Festival 2009 in Japan, which featured other artists such as Beyonce and Lady GaGa. They have also performed at various events including the Alma Awards in 2007, the Latino Inaugural with George Lopez in 2009 for Obama, the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon in 2009, the Hollywood Christmas Parade, pre-game for the Kansas City Royals, The George Lopez late night show in 2009, and at a USC Half Time Show with the Trojan Marching Band.

In 2008, WAR reunited with, former collaborator and singer of The Animals, Eric Burdon. Eric Burdon, along with producer Jerry Goldstein, discovered WAR and joined forces with them, after the animals, to pursue music that would be more improvisational. Eric Burdon and WAR released a few albums together and are most known for the hit "Spill the Wine." They joined together on stage for one night at Royal Albert Hall, in 2008, for a very memorable night.

WAR, while staying current, joined the digital market in 2008 by releasing their catalogue on iTunes. Since the digital release, WAR has had over 500,000 downloads as well as over 200,000 ringtones sold. The digital release has only since added to the 100,000 physical copies of CD's sold per year. WAR continues to be downloaded at about 6,000 to 8,000 downloads per week and about 2,000 ringtones per week.

In 2008, WAR released their first ever live DVD/CD combination, WAR's Greatest Hits Live, which added a great new way for fans to see their amazing performance. The performance took place at The Grove in Anaheim, California, and captured Lonnie Jordan's electrifying stage presence as well as the rest of the band's ability to really let loose on stage. Theā€¦


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