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The World


There are more artists using that name or parts of that name or the name with an addition: 1. The World, with members Neil Innes (Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, The Rutles) (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Ian Wallace (drums, vocals), Dennis Cowan (bass, guitar, vocals) and Roger McKew (lead guitar), from 1970, see and Innes' wikipedia. ~25 years later CD re-issues did change the original group name into Neil Innes & The World. 2. The World/Inferno Friendship Society a cabaret punk band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in the late 90s.

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A simple radio for all otakus, In spanish! Una radio sensilla para todos los otakus ¡En español!

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Somos como tu, somos tu radio. Disponemos de la mayor variedad de música anime actual, con un total de mas de 600 canciones que van en aumento. Música 24/7 sin interrupciones ni anuncios, disfruta y compártenos con tus amigos para que cada vez seamos mas :)

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