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Kim Hill

Kim Hill (born August 7, 1972) is an American soul singer-songwriter, best known for her work with the hip-hop band Black Eyed Peas.
She left the band in 2000 and was replaced by Fergie in 2002.
Hill has since begun performing as a solo artist.Black Eyed PeasHill had a chance meeting with, and Taboo in 1995 at a BMI Showcase.
This encounter led to her co-writing several songs on their album, Behind the Front, including "The Way You Make Me Feel".
She also co-wrote "Mama's Just a Little Girl" with Tupac Shakur for the album, Better Dayz.
Hill became a vocalist for the Peas and contributed to numerous tracks on Behind the Front and Bridging the Gap.
Hill wrote other songs including "On My Own", which featured Les Nubians and Mos Def, as well as "Hot".
She has appeared with The Notorious B.I.G., Outkast, The Pharcyde, Cody Chesnutt, Common, Slum Village, Raphael Saadiq, Jody Watley, De La Soul, No Doubt, A Tribe Called Quest and Aaliyah.
During her tenure with the Black Eyed Peas, she signed a solo contract with Interscope Records in 1998.
She was dropped in 1999, before releasing anything, because Interscope did not consider her music "black enough".
Taboo described her position in the band in his autobiography, Fallin' Up: "Kim was never fully installed as a member of the Peas, even though there has been coverage in the past that she was the fourth member.
It is more accurate to say that she featured with us, because she was still a singer-songwriter in her own right and still performed solo."Solo careerHill left the Black Eyed Peas in 2000 due to creative differences.
Soon thereafter, she released her debut album, Surrender to Her Sunflower.
After her debut release, she released her second album, Suga Hill.
She most recently released her third album, Pharaoh's Daughter.
Hill continues to create independent music, deejay as "DJ Kill him", and has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and in Billboard and Vibe magazines.Personal lifeShe was born to Norman D.
Hill (1940–2006) and Shirley A.
Hill (b.
1940) in Syracuse, New York, Kim was the third child of their union.
She has siblings Brian K.
Hill (born 1961) and Teretha M.
Hill-Williams (born 1963).
Hill studied violin, piano, and gymnastics as a child before enrolling in the University of The Arts in Philadelphia as a dance major.
She moved to Los Angeles in 1993 after a year as a Philadelphia 76ers cheerleader, when she committed to music full-time..Today, Hill resides in Los Angeles and has, most recently, become a blogger, and a mother to son, Cassius Etienne Harrison HillPromotional singlesFeatured singlesCompilation albumsVideo albumsToursRelated articles Book Category


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