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Osibisa, one of the most important jazz-rock bands ever, was founded in 1969 and made a very interesting fragment of musical history during 70s. Musicians from Ghana join jazz, funk, fusion, caribbean, r&b, latino and african rhythms. This legendary band from Ghana made 20 studio albums; Osibisa worked with many popular jazz musicians, Thin Lizzy, with Stevie Wonder and others. The best known albums are: Osibisa (1971), Woyaya (1971), and African Flight (1981).

Albums Osibisa

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  • Sunshine Day

  • The Best Of Osibisa

  • The Best Of Osibisa 2

  • Collection

  • Happy Children

  • Black Magic Night

  • Sunshine Day: The Pye/Bronze Anthology

  • Osibisa

  • Wango Wango

  • Very Best of

  • Jambo

  • African Dawn African Flight

  • Sunshine Day: Very Best of Osibisa

  • Monsore

  • Very Best of Osibisa

  • African Flight

  • Ojah Awake

  • Mystic Energy

  • Celebration: The Best of Osibisa

  • Welcome Home

  • Woyaya