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There are five artists by this name: 1) Sun was an American R&B, disco, and funk band that was active mainly during the late 1970s and the early 1980s 2) SUN(瀬戸燦) is one of the stars from the anime Seto no Hanayome, voiced by Haruko Momoi. 3) Ho Yeow Sun (Simplified Chinese: 何耀珊; Pinyin: Hé Yàoshān; born June 2, better known as Sun Ho or simply Sun, is a Singaporean pop music singer; 4) the Australian two-piece Sun made up of Oren Ambarchi and Chris Townsend.

Albums Sun

17 played on Radionomy

  • Destination Sun

  • Fancy Free

  • Some Sun Singles

  • Gone



  • Ends of the Earth

  • Wanna Make Love

  • Without Love

  • Inquire Within

  • Sun

  • Sun - Greatest Hits

  • The Greatest Hits (World)

  • Sun Is Here

  • Nitro

  • Jam House Wah

  • Murdernature