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Paul Simon


Paul Simon first gained world wide recognition as the writing talent behind the popular American duo Simon & Garfunkel formed with fellow musician Art Garfunkel. Paul Simon still tours occasionally, both as a solo artist and with his old musical partner Art Garfunkel. He is married to Edie Brickell. In 1994 Paul Simon held 14 sold out concerts in Nantes (France) with International professional fusion players: Nino Manore (Italy), Francis Mc Gowan (UK), Gissele Masarde (France), Nikša Sviličić (Croatia) etc.

Albums Paul Simon

22 played on Radionomy

  • Songs From the Capeman

  • One-Trick Pony

  • There Goes Rhymin' Simon

  • The Paul Simon Songbook

  • The Paul Simon Collection: On My Way, Don't Know Where I'm Goin'

  • You're the One

  • Greatest Hits: Shining Like a National Guitar

  • Graceland

  • Paul Simon: 1964-1993 (disc 1)

  • Paul Simon: 1964-1993 (disc 2)

  • The Paul Simon Anthology (disc 2)

  • The Paul Simon Anthology (disc 1)

  • MTV Unplugged

  • Concert in the Park (disc 2)

  • Concert in the Park (disc 1)

  • Paul Simon

  • Hearts and Bones

  • The Rhythm of the Saints

  • Negotiations and Love Songs: 1971-1986

  • Greatest Hits, Etc.

  • Still Crazy After All These Years

  • Live Rhymin'