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Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet


Christophe's first hit was Aline, in 1965. He is famous for "Oh Mon Amour" that he sang in French and Italian.From a young age, he was fascinated by the "American way of life".Christophe vanished from the French music scene towards the end of the 1960s. In 1971, he married his girlfriend Véronique and fathered his daughter Lucie. In 1971, Francis Dreyfus launched the Motors label ( Disques Motors) and became the producer of Christophe records. He came back in 1973 with "Les Paradis perdus" ("Lost Paradises"). In 1975, he recorded "Les Mots bleus" ("The Blue Words"), that was covered by Alain Bashung in 1992 and Thierry Amiel in 2003. The lyrics of this song were written by Jean Michel Jarre.In 1978, he came back with "Le Beau Bizarre" ("The Beautiful Freak"). In 1983, Christophe released yet another hit single "Succès fou" (Crazy Success) selling over 60,000 records. In 1984, Christophe released "Clichés d'amour" in which he sang memorable 40's and 50's classics such as "Arrivederci Roma" and "Dernier baiser" a French version of the Mexican classic "Besame mucho" written by Consuelito Velazquez. In 1985, he wrote "Ne raccroche pas" ("Don't Hang Up!") a song which he hinted at Princess Stephanie of Monaco. The following year, he wrote the song "Boule de flipper" for Corynne Charby.In 1988, he released "Chiqué chiqué".In 1996, he had a major comeback with his album "Bevilacqua". An electronic experimentation that marked a new direction in his sound.In 2001, he released another well achieved and critical acclaimed album named "Comm'si la terre penchait..." (As if the earth was Leaning). In February 2002, Christophe performed, in Clermont Ferrand, his first live concert in 27 years, followed by two appearances at the Olympia in March 2002.In 2008, he released the album "Aimer ce que nous sommes" continuing his cinematographic experimental musical paths.Christophe also collaborated with the avant-garde poet Brigitte Fontaine on a duet named "Hollywood" from Fontaine's album L'un n'empêche pas l'autre released in 2011.

Personal life

In the 1972s, Christophe was plagued with alcoholism and drug abuse that took a toll on his life suffering from a nervous breakdown and depression.He is married to Veronique Kan.

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