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Jan Smit

Jan Smit

Johannes Hendricus Maria "Jan" Smit (born December 31, 1985) is a Dutch pop music and schlager singer and TV host. He scored his first number one position in the Dutch charts with Ik zing dit lied voor jou alleen (I'm singing this song only for you) in 1997 at the age of 12. He was then known as "Jantje" Smit. Smit made his acting debut in the critically panned Dutch movie 'Het Bombardement' (2012), a love story set against the German attack on Rotterdam in the early days of May 1940.MusicSmit was discovered by Dutch middle of the road band BZN, who used his vocals in a duet called Mama. He has released several albums in Dutch and German since.Jan dedicated the song Ik zing dit lied voor jou alleen to his grandmother. In 1997, Smit toured South Africa with popular Afrikaans singer Nádine. In 2000, Smit won the Grand Prix der Volksmusik singing Ich zeig dir die Berge with Oswald Sattler for South Tyrol. In 2001 Smit won the Exportprijs for his success in Germany, France and Italy. In Germany he became one of the best selling Dutch artists ever, with German-language albums specifically aimed at the German market.After three big hits in the late 90s, Jan's popularity began to wane gradually. His albums Jan Smit 2000 #32 (2000), Zing en Lach (Sing and Laugh) #33 (2001), Zonder Jou (Without You) #40 and Op Eigen Benen (On My Own Feet) #45 sold fewer copies than the first two albums from his child star era.However, Jan was still very popular in Germany, where he spent most of his time touring. 2005 marked his comeback in his home country, when regional television host Willie Oosterhuis picked up a Jan Smit song recorded in 2003, 'Als de nacht verdwijnt' ('When the night is over'). Willie heavily plugged the song on his show, resulting in moderate success.During the same period Dutch broadcaster TROS wanted to produce a real life soap about Jan, with the focus on his life as a teenage star in Germany and The Netherlands, and on his private life in the seaside village of Volendam. The reality soap became a TV hit and an accompanying album, 'Vrienden voor het leven' ('Friends for life') brought Jan back at the top of the charts for the first time in a few years. It was written for his cousin Niek Smit(s), who lives in Maastricht.In 2006 Smit had several big selling hit singles, such as 'Laura' (about a friend who died of cancer), 'Als de morgen is gekomen' ('When the morning has come') and 'Cupido' (Cupid). Jan usually includes special tracks on his CD singles, such as live recordings, previously unreleased tracks and CD-ROM content, to appeal to his loyal fanbase. In 2007 he topped the single charts again with "Op Weg Naar Geluk" (On The Road To Happiness) and with "Dan Volg Je Haar Benen" ('Then you follow her legs'), and the album charts also with the album "Op Weg Naar Geluk" which sold 160,000 copies in its first four days after being released, going double platinum.In 2006 he also recorded "Kerst voor Iedereen" (Christmas for Everyone) which was a Christmas-duet with Dutch TV-host Bridget Maasland as a part of Dutch TV show "Katja vs Bridget". Later Smit recorded this song with his younger sister Monique Smit, who has also started a singing career.In 2007 he planned to tour the Netherlands again with the "Jan Smit Komt Naar Je Toe"-tour (Jan Smit Comes To You) but due to problems with his vocal cords this tour had to be postponed. For at least 6 months Jan Smit had to rest his voice.'Dan volg je haar benen' was Jan's fifth Number One single in The Netherlands, making him one of the most successful soloists in Dutch chart history.In July 2009, Jan Smit recorded together with Surinam singer Damaru "Mi Rowsu (Tuintje In Mijn Hart)" (My Rose (Garden In My Heart)). This song reached the peak position in both the Single Top 100 and the Dutch Top 40. In September 2009, the song reached the platinum status (20,000 singles sold).In 2010, Jan recorded the single "Terug in de tijd" (Back in the days) of his album Leef and reached the charts within a week later in its highest position. He also released the single "Zie wel hoe ik thuiskom" (See how I get home) which was at the highest position in the charts.In 2011, a new single "Hou je dan nog steeds van mij" (Do you still love me) is released and a month later the collector 15 jaar hits. After one week, Jan is again on the highest position of the Top 100 with this single.TV hostJan is also a TV host in the Netherlands for public broadcaster TROS. Among his shows are De Zomer Voorbij ("The summer is over"), in which he meets fellow Dutch artists and singers on holiday locations in southern Europe.In 2011, he supplied commentary at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, where his friends The 3J's were representing the Netherlands. Jan will host the 2012 national final and take the commentator's seat during the Eurovision finals in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Brandheiße Stücke

Jan Smit - Laura - Akoestische Versie

Laura - Akoestische Versie


Jan Smit - Boom Boom Bailando

Boom Boom Bailando


Jan Smit - Als De Morgen Is Gekomen

Als De Morgen Is Gekomen


Jan Smit - Dan Volg Je Haar Benen

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Jan Smit - Als Je Lacht

Als Je Lacht


Jan Smit - Je Naam In De Sterren

Je Naam In De Sterren


Earth, Wind & Fire - Happy Feeling

Happy Feeling


Jan Smit - Terug in de tijd

Terug in de tijd


Jan Smit - Altijd Jij

Altijd Jij


Jan Smit - Zie Wel Hoe Ik Thuis Kom

Zie Wel Hoe Ik Thuis Kom


Jan Smit - Niemand Zo Trots Als Wij

Niemand Zo Trots Als Wij


Jan Smit - Sla Je Armen Om Me Heen

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Jan Smit - Hoop, Liefde En Vertrouwen

Hoop, Liefde En Vertrouwen